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Dear Dr. Hawking ...

What would you ask Stephen Hawking? Hawking is arguably the most famous physicist in the world today, because of his mental ability as well as his physical disability, so there's precious little that hasn't been asked already. Do black holes destroy everything they consume? Yes … um, better make that no.  Favorite American TV show? "The Simpsons." Historical personage he'd most like to meet? Marilyn Monroe. And so on…

Since Hawking will soon be making a sojourn in these parts, we just might have an opportunity to send a few fresh questions his way. So here's your opportunity to suggest the top question that's on your mind when it comes to the good doctor and his work.

There are no guarantees - but between now and April, when Hawking is due to deliver a lecture in Seattle, we might have a chance to slip him a few questions. Of course we'll have to hit the lofty heights (for example, what sort of evidence would support his top-down theory for the universe's creation?) as well as some pop-culture questions (seen any good time-travel movies lately?). And for this exercise, let's stay away from the unpleasant personal questions - for example, anything about his messy divorce or reports of abuse.

To brush up on your Hawking lore, check out the latest interview from The Telegraph, plus The Guardian's visit in 2005, astrophysicist/author Gregory Benford's visit back in 2002 and my own report on a virtual lecture. Then pose your questions in the comments section below.

If I get a chance to send questions to Hawking, I promise to include at least one of the submitted queries. And if not ... I think your suggestions will make for interesting reading nevertheless.