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Halfway to victory

The Armadillo team has gotten halfway through the course for the $350,000 Level 1 prize in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, and the Module 1 lunar lander is now being prepared for the return trip. If it makes that trip back and fulfills all the conditions for the competition, the prize is theirs.

Right now, the team is fueling up and checking out the lines. If everything looks OK, the second launch could come within just a few minutes.

The X Prize Cup commentators here at Holloman Air Force Base have been chatting about the newly announced Teachers in Space program and other topics.

Update: Launch commentator Miles O'Brien quotes space boss Joseph Boyle (no relation to me) as saying that the Armadillo team is checking out a "little problem" with the fuel line - similar to the problem encountered this morning.