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Flutist hits a high note in orbit

NASA astronaut Cady Coleman has been giving her flute collection quite a workout in the past few weeks, more than 200 miles above Earth. The International Space Station resident played a St. Patrick's Day concert on NASA TV, and also recorded a session for last month's DMI House music festival in Austin, Texas. For the exclusive DMI video, Coleman threw in a tour of her digs on the space station, which is the size of a five-bedroom house and offers a killer view from the Cupola observation deck. When Coleman flew to the orbital outpost in December, she brought four flutes along with her — including her own instrument as well as one lent to her by Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson ("Aqualung!"), plus an Irish flute and a pennywhistle from The Chieftains. Starting today, Coleman will have three more music lovers sharing her orbital home: the two Russians and American who are arriving on a Russian Soyuz spaceship.

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