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U2 concert adds a space surprise

The Irish supergroup U2 added a little zero-G to its 360° Tour stop in Seattle over the weekend, but what do you expect for a show with a stage that looks like a four-legged spaceship? Bono started out the Earth-to-space exchange by dedicating the song "Beautiful Day" to wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, then mused over what "a man looking down on us from 200 miles up" might say. That was a lead-in to the video recorded by Endeavour commander Mark Kelly (who came back to our beautiful crowded planet last week). Kelly dished out greetings to Seattle concertgoers from the International Space Station. "These people are heroes," Bono said. Then Kelly ended his clip with a quote from David Bowie's "Space Oddity": "Tell my wife I love her very much. ... She knows." The spotlight was tossed back to the band, which launched into "Beautiful Day." The tribute tickled Team Giffords, which is handling the congresswoman's convalescence in Houston. "We agree with Bono," the team wrote in a Facebook update today. "Gabrielle and Mark are heroes."

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