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UFO case solved in Cincinnati

Lights were sighted in the skies over a Wal-Mart store in the Cincinnati area on Sept. 28.

For a few days, the strange case of the Cincinnati Lights intrigued UFO fans, but it looks as if the person who took the original video has come up with the likeliest answer: The spooky lights floating through the sky are best explained as skydivers doing a show during a football game at a nearby high school.

The Sept. 28 light show was certainly reminiscent of more celebrated UFO cases, such as the Phoenix Lights of 1997 — but it was also similar to the El Paso Lights of 2010, which were similarly traced to skydivers using pyrotechnics. This time, it was the video shooter (known on YouTube as Galuyasdi) who figured out that a Start Skydiving team was doing a pyro show for La Salle High School's homecoming game at just about the time that the sighting took place. (La Salle lost to Moeller; sorry about that, Lancers.)

Even though this case appears to be solved, echoes of the Cincinnati Lights are still reverberating among UFO fans. It's always harder to track down the likely cause of a UFO sighting than to put up a video and just leave it at that. Hats off to the videographer and fellow investigators who solved their own mystery before it became a full-fledged UFO meme.

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